How clients perceive your business from the outside is crucial. Images are often the first thing they will come across when researching your business via your website or other media. As social media becomes increasingly integral to a company’s marketing strategy, building up a library of personalised images for use on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest is rapidly becoming a top priority for many businesses. 


While it’s tempting to rely on a few snapshots from your smartphone or personal camera, this will in fact detract from the image you're trying to portray and may even make your business appear unprofessional. Generic stock photography is an option, but it doesn't tell your story. Customers want to get a glimpse into the true ‘personality’ of your business – after all, it’s you they’re buying into. Bespoke photography provides a snapshot of what you stand for, who you are, and why that customer should choose you.


Showcasing all aspects of a business is paramount in telling the story of a brand, which is why The Stock Stylist takes the time to capture everything from headshots, products and flatlays, to the team at work, lifestyle images, logos and branding. We also focus on the finer details which are unique to your business. This could be your favourite plant, an office pet or even a thank-you card from one of your clients – anything that has a special meaning to you. 


We’re happy to be led by you if you have particular images in mind. Equally, if you need some inspiration on the day, we’ll be on hand to help advise and guide you through the shoot, based on our experience of what works and what doesn’t.


Our packages are ideal if you simply need “a bit of everything”, but also if you’re focussing on a specific project, such as promoting a new product range or service. To get a feel for what a shoot can offer, view our recent client showcases


For more details on what is included in The Stock Stylist packages, click here.

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